Friday, 17 May 2019

May 21-24

Hello everyone,

Library is on Wednesday.

The words we are focusing on this week are...

1. night

2. light

3. please

In math, we will be learning about probability. In Grade 1, the students learn how to describe the likelihood that everyday events will occur using mathematical language (i.e., impossible, unlikely, less likely, more likely, certain).

In language, we will continue learning about the structure of short narrative stories.

In Science, the students did some discovering!

In pairs, they were presented with this...

Then they put on their gloves and dissected this "thing".....

I heard some great discussions and guesses about what this could be.There were some clues! The students found little bones and had to classify them on a chart.

We discovered that this "thing" was an OWL PELLET !

We then watched a video that talked about what owls eat and how/why pellets are formed in the body of an owl.

We then learned how to draw an owl!

In dance, the students worked on coming up with a dance in small groups. We played music and they did a "practice presentation."  Watching our dance showcase last week gave them some inspiration!
They had a lot of fun with this!!

Friday, 10 May 2019

May 13-17

Hi everyone!

This week, I will be sending a note home that will explain our Fully Alive theme in family life called "Created Sexual Male and Female." Please read this note so that you are aware of what I will be talking about in class.

Book orders are due May 14, 2019.

Library is on Wednesday. Please have your child return their library books on Monday.

In science, we didn't have a chance to do the activity that I talked about last week (very busy with Education Week). We will do it this week.

Some highlights from Education Week...

Outdoor Yoga...

Dance Showcase....

Basketball game....

The words that we will focus on this week are....

1. where

2. when

3. why

We are having fun learning different dances during our gym class. Some students had the opportunity to "teach' us some "cool moves." Next week, the students will be put in small groups to practise a short dance that they've come up with together. They will get to present their dance to their peers.

In language, our next writing focus will be to learn how to write a short narrative with a beginning, middle and end. We will begin by reading some stories together and talking about the structure of stories, the setting, the characters, the solution etc. The students will have the opportunity to try their first one the following week.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

May 6-10

Hello everyone,

It is Education Week this week! There is a lot going on at St.Cecilia. Here is a general overview of what will be taking place this week:

Liturgy of the Word in the gym at 10:45 a.m.
Introduction to Education Week

Tuesday: Open House 8-9 a.m
Come and visit the class and walk around to see other things going on in the school.

Outdoor Learning Day
St. Cecilia Vegetable Garden Preparation
School Wide Yoga with buddy classes

Be Well day
School Wide praying in colour/ In my heart room Christian Meditation

Students visit next year's grade level

We are now done our Grade 1 Word Wall Words for the year. I will now pick 3 words of the week that we'll focus on. Some of the words are words that some students are still learning how to read and write.The students need to practise reading and writing them as well as using them in a sentence. This week, we will focus on the following words....

1. should

2. would

3. could

In math, we worked on representing larger numbers in a variety of ways.....

This week, we will start looking at equality in numbers. The students will practise making both sides of an equation equal:


The students loved practising and then presenting their short skits in front of the class using their paper puppets.

In our science inquiry this week, the students will be presented with something wrapped in foil and they will need to work with a partner to figure out what it is. They will wear plastic gloves and using popsicle sticks or toothpicks, they will pull it apart gently and look for clues to figure out what this thing could be! I can’t wait to hear their discussions! 

Saturday, 27 April 2019

April 29- May 3

Hello everyone,

Our new words of the week are....

1. yes

2. just

3. please

4. grow

5. because (we are doing this one again)

In language, we will continue with persuasive writing. The students are learning the difference between convincing and non-convincing reasons you could use to persuade someone to do something.

In math, we will be using the base 10 blocks to represent numbers to 50 (and beyond for students who are ready). Using base 10 blocks. Base 10 blocks provide hands-on ways to learn place value, number concepts, counting and addition/subtraction. They help students physically represent what they are learning so they develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of each concept.

We are beginning our unit on dance. The students will learn how to follow dance moves in sequence while following the beat/rhythm. The students are doing a great job!!

The students had fun making little puppets for drama. They will work on coming up with a short skit (with a small group) and presenting it in class behind a puppet theater.

As part of our Science Unit on Living Things, we will be going on a field trip to Baxter's Conservation Area at the end of May. A note will go home shortly to explain the details and ask for volunteers. Please note, all volunteers must have a police check. Thank you in advance for anyone that is able to come and help out that day.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Happy Easter!

Dear parents,

I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Easter!

When we return to school on Tuesday, the new words of the week will be...

1. away

2. does

3. its

4. if

5. these

Please continue to have your child practise reading and writing on a daily basis. 

Next week is Earth Week!

We will talk about ways to take care of the earth and write a short reflection after we watch The Lorax.

For Earth Week, students are encouraged to wear a different colour every day of the week.

Tuesday: Earth day-wear green

Wednesday: Water day-wear blue

Thursday: Energy day- wear orange red, or yellow

Friday: Soil day- wear brown

Library will be on Wednesday.

In math, we will continue to learn about fractions (halves, thirds, fourths).

In language, we will continue to practise our persuasive writing. The students had the opportunity to write a letter to their friend asking them to play a certain game at recess.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

April 15-19

Dear parents,

In class, we have been talking about the Easter Story. We watched the Resurrection Eggs which talked about Jesus' journey using symbols inside 12 eggs. We discussed the story and the students had a lot of questions.This week is Holy Week. We will be doing some activities that help the students understand this special week.

This Friday is Good Friday (no school for students).

Library is on Wednesday so please have your child return their books Monday or Tuesday.

Our new words are....

1. people

2. always

3. never

4. once

5. family

In math, we will continue with measurement.  We talked about shortest-longest and longest to shortest.

We will learn about reading a thermometer. We starting looking at the Weather Network and what temperatures mean.

 Following this we will start talking about fractions. In Grade 1, the students learn about halves, fourths and quarters.

In language, the students wrote their first persuasive letter after reading The Best Pet. The story was about a Grade 1 class convincing their teacher to get a class pet. 

Our class had to pretend they were convincing you (mom and dad) to get a  new pet. They had to make the reasons convincing! The students did a great job writing their first one! We will be writing a few more.